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Build your Dream with us...

VENKY Builders has been serving the populace of Calicut for more than 30 years, delivering apartments and buildings that suits the contemperory style, needs and enivironmentally friendly living. Most of the buildings we constructed over the past years stand proudly high as landmarks of Calicut. Our reputation is build upon our guiding principles of


We ensure clear and open communication to our clients on the expected time of completion, amenities, available built-up area and different cost break-ups. This principled service has helped to earn us the credibility of our clients as they get convinced that there is no hidden cost element to be dealt with in future. We educate the buyers on different factors one must cosider before s(he) chooses his/her dwelling.

Quality workmanship and materials :

Our team consists of experienced engineers and workers, we boastly tell the world as our most loyal assets. They help deliver our projects in time and with efficacy. Our selection of materials are based on 'durability as the first choice'. Workmanship and quality products blend to create a rich excperience of living. We tend not to overlook the very essentials a house owner thinks as 'basics' - selection of apt location, high availability of water, carefully and ergonomically designed mechanical, electrical and plumbing works.

Value for money:

When modernity and extravaganza make people spend enormously or right of a man to own a house and a healthy living is prohibiively high, we offer a cost-effective package that gives maximum usable area at an affordable price. No buyer should pay more than what he gets. Such a principled approach helps us utilize every inch of land within and outside your abode.

Current Projects

Kailash Apartments is a housing project consisting of 67 residential apartments having 10 high floors being built in a plot of 69.6 cents near Bus Stop of Govidapuram.Govindapuram is one of blocks under the Corporation of Calicut. Govindapuram lies towards east of the Kozhikode city about 4 kilometers from the center of the city. Area is primarily residential in nature with more than a dozen temples within. This includes Valayanad Devi Temple, Rishipuram Shiva Temple and Parthasarathy Temple.